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Daniel LangDaniel Lang was born and bred in New England, and now lives in New Orleans, by way of Guatemala, Upstate New York, Brooklyn and Hong Kong. He's worked in construction sites, art galleries, kitchens, production sets, bars. As a writer for the store, he has spent many cumulative hours talking with the people who make our products. He recently finished a novel and is at work on two screenplays. Email him at danielslang@gmail.com

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Plastic Bags

When they first hit supermarkets in 1977, check-out clerks and baggers everywhere ...

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Conceived beneath the skies of the ancient world, the Titans ...

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The Cocktail Sour

Sours are the taste of languid summer days: margaritas, daiquiris and ...

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Rope is the wheel of the ocean. Man has used it to bind together ...

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