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Christine Mitchell AdamsChristine Mitchell Adams is an illustrator, writer, and wardrobe stylist based in Cambridge, MA. She also keeps a blog, N'East Style, which concentrates on local artisans, small brands, and conscious consumption

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The Striped Shirt

Worn by actors, artists and it-girls alike, the indigo-and-white striped shirt has been a ...

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Navajo Textiles

For over 300 years, Navajo weaving has been valued for its importance as a vital native art ...

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How to Tie a Fly

While the balmy days of summer are coming to an end, my husband and I are eager for ...

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Hemp, A History

At the mention of hemp, pot and macramé are probably the first things that come to mind ...

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Hiker’s Sammie Recipe

We made it through the winter, and the road less traveled is now calling our name ...

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