John Peabody

John Peabody

John Peabody is the hands, eyes and voice behind The Hand & Eye, a blog on makers of all stripes and their ever-interesting stories, from surfboards, to bicycles to rum – oh my!

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by John Peabody

Despite its highfalutin reputation, Cognac is actually a very drinkable spirit with a long

ReadA Return to Sport

A Return to Sport

by John Peabody

Recently, I started dragging my feet on the way to a workout. My excitement for fitness had

ReadMaster the At-Home Shave

Master the At-Home Shave

by John Peabody

First off, shower before shaving. Always. Even better: shave in the shower. You’ll be

ReadHow to Master Knots

How to Master Knots

by John Peabody

The measure of a good knot is not necessarily how easy it is to tie but to untie. Cue memory

ReadWoodman’s Fried Clams

Woodman’s Fried Clams

by John Peabody

Like all great things, the fried clam has a much debated creation story. The earliest known

ReadVintage Lawn Games

Vintage Lawn Games

by John Peabody

A few years ago, during a summer weekend away from the city, a friend picked up an