David Vega

David Vega

David Vega is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles. His interests include design and green building, Latin American literature, handcrafted goods, wine and cycling. He has written and edited for a number of print and web publications related to his various interests, and as the managing editor for Edible Los Angeles magazine, David became an ardent supporter of local, sustainable food. When not writing at some cafe, he can be found making wine in Northern California or riding his bike to the next great meal.


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Panama Hat

by David Vega

Legend has it that a common straw hat, that favorite accessory of both the leisure class

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Reclaimed Wood

by David Vega

When early American colonists began penetrating the interior of the North American

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History of the Umbrella

by David Vega

During the late 18th century, London was full of strange characters who attracted attention

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Fountain Pen

by David Vega

Several years ago during my poor college days, I found a Mont Blanc fountain pen

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Olivetti Typewriter

by David Vega

Olivetti encouraged independent thinking in its designers and hoped it would trickle down

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The History Of Olive Oil

by David Vega

Long considered one of the greatest natural assets of the ancient world

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Safety Razor

by David Vega

When did men’s little personal effects become so cheap, so… disposable?

ReadPaper Making

Paper Making

by David Vega

Paper has been a key factor in communication and can be traced back to 3,000 B.C.

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George Nelson Flip Clock

by David Vega

The great designer who helped chart the course of American Modernism towards