Read Making the Most of Being Snowed In Outdoors & Environment

Making the Most of Being Snowed In

by Dakota Arkin Cafourek

Here on the eastern seaboard, snow arrived much later than for our friends in the Midwest. Finally, February brought magical white flurries to...

Read Grow Healthy Houseplants: A Beginner’s Guide How-To

Grow Healthy Houseplants: A Beginner’s Guide

by KM Team

Rules of green thumb Houseplants generally prefer moderate to hot indoor temperatures (50 to 80°F), so if you live somewhere very cold, keep them...

Design & Make

ReadThe Joy of Handwritten Letters

The Joy of Handwritten Letters

by Taylor Mardis Katz

I come from a family of letter writers and card senders, and over the years, I have become one...

ReadThe Art of Candle Dipping

The Art of Candle Dipping

by Rebecca McCusker

When I was a child growing up in New England, I attended “Colonial Camp” at Nathan Hale Homestead,...

ReadHow to Care for Wood Furniture

How to Care for Wood Furniture

by Dakota Arkin Cafourek

Be it the ornately carved armrests of a Louis XVI chair or the clean and simple lines of a Scandinavian...

Food & Drink

ReadCreamy Hot Chocolate From Scratch

Creamy Hot Chocolate From Scratch

by Dani Howell

The sweet aroma of chocolate. The creamy warmed milk. There’s something about homemade hot chocolate...

ReadMaking a Frittata in a Cast-Iron Skillet

Making a Frittata in a Cast-Iron Skillet

by Dani Howell

Cast iron is always a kitchen go-to for me. I can cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert...

ReadMake Your Own Herbal Vinegar

Make Your Own Herbal Vinegar

by Taylor Mardis Katz

Infusing vinegar with herbs is one of my favorite ways to combine my love of delicious food and...


Grooming & Style

ReadCare for Delicate Fabrics

Care for Delicate Fabrics

by KM Team

Handle with care Fine fabrics require a special touch and should always be washed by hand in...

ReadMaster the At-Home Shave

Master the At-Home Shave

by John Peabody

First off, shower before shaving. Always. Even better: shave in the shower. You’ll be

ReadThe Lowdown on Charcoal Soaps

The Lowdown on Charcoal Soaps

by Rebecca McCusker

While we all love a good craft soap, charcoal soaps aren’t your typical bath bar. First of all,...