• Esque Studio

    from Portland, OR

    Elegant, modern hand-blown glass objects that sets new trends in art and design.

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About Esque Studio

Esque Studio creates modern, functional, concept-based glassware aimed at the design industry rather than the pedestal. It's the result of a 20-year-long collaboration between artists Andi Kovel and Justin Parker, who met while working at Urban Glass. The duo has received international acclaim, was named among the "World's Most Influential Designers" by Time Magazine, has designed for an array of cultural forces, from the W Hotel Seattle to Anthropologie to Lenny Kravitz, who commissioned pieces for his Miami home.


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Glass is Liquid

Why It's Time to Retire That Vase From the Florist


Think glassware is nothing to get excited about? Then you haven’t seen the concept-meets-function pieces created by Esque Studio. They kick glass.







Andie Kovel and Justin Parker of Brooklyn-based Esque Studio make modern, functional, concept-based glassware that’s intended to be both admired and put to daily use.  



The Whole Story


Twenty years ago, Kovel and Parker met while working as glass blowers for hire. Linked by their mutual desire to push the boundaries of their art—to shatter the glass ceiling, so to speak—they teamed up to create Esque Studios. Since those early days they’ve gone on to create such memorable pieces as a skull in a bottle wine decanter, off-kilter decanter-and-glass sets, and a paperweight shaped like a bubble gum balloon. Small wonder Time magazine named them to its “Design 100” list.



The Products


All Esque Studio pieces are hand-blown. Says Kovel, “Justin and I work from different influences and inspirations. His signature pieces push the material in unexpected ways through scale and technique; I’m inspired by our cultural and natural surroundings, and like my objects to have concept and content, to surpass a mere functional existence. I always start with a sketch while Justin creates from the material itself. We are each other’s perfect foil.”



Five Minutes With Esque Studio Co-Founder Andi Kovel


Q: What have you leaned in the process of launching your brand?

Andi Kovel: Be true to yourself and follow your own path. If you look to follow someone’s business model, you’ll end up following someone else’s dream instead of your own. If a great design or idea just doesn’t work, let it go and keep moving forward.


Q: What quality about your brand are you most proud of?

AK: We feel lucky that we get to do this for a living as it’s not an easy career to be successful at. We love that we are able to live our lives exactly how we want to live them.


Q: If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

AK: I would be doing exactly what I do now, but with more vacation days set aside to heli-ski.


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