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Father-of-two John Moore is refreshingly laid-back for someone who juggles multiple projects at his creative agency Pop Studio, while saving plenty of time for family hangouts. Last year, Moore won a Best New Menswear Designer Award from GQ. This fall, the Venice Beach-based dad will launch OuterKnown, the clothing collection he co-founded with his friend and fellow surfer Kelly Slater. Below, Moore shares his favorite picks from our shop and beyond, with a few key parenting tips (always be home for dinner).

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Forget camping, I need a place to eat at home. We have a small house in Venice, and I eat most meals at my kids’ table in the living room. This is the perfect height for a gourmet bowl of cereal for dinner.


Wood & Leather Camp Stool

Our family goes glamping every New Year’s, and my kids are going to think I’m a hero in the bonfire department with this kit.


Salvaged Cedar Fire Starter Kit

I always have one towel in the back of my car that gets used a lot before it’s washed, so I like the idea of a double-sided version to prolong the amount of time it takes for the towel to get dirty and smelly.


Japanese Double-Sided Summer Towel

My Favorite Gift

“Balancing two kids and three businesses, the greatest gift I can have is time, whether taking a few hours to go surfing or stealing 30 minutes during my workday to read or write something.”

You won’t find me without my iPhone, a few pencils and at least one of these kraft paper pads for notes and sketches. I tear through them. They’re perfect for inspired collaborations with the kids, too.


Japanese Drawing Pad (Kraft)

My 10-year-old, Lennon, just got her first bike, and we’ve been cruising around the neighborhood together. The whole family shares one lock, which is corroded with salt water from riding to the beach most mornings. So Father’s Day sounds like a good time to make a stylish upgrade. Let’s see what the salt water does to this Italian leather...


Italian Leather Covered Bike Lock Chain

I have multiple pencils on my person at all times! I like the idea of the refillable black erasers in case my son, Costa, eats one. Plus, the Japanese know how to make a good pencil.


Blackwing Pearl Pencils

My Inspiration

“I’m inspired by the artists, designers, craftsmen, merchants, entrepreneurs and visionaries around me in the studio. I’m also always motivated by my children and by wanting to create a better quality of life for my family. In my professional career, it’s the true creators and inventors that get my juices flowing—the individuals who turn their dreams into something new and useful for mankind.”

When the studio is overflowing with people for presentations, I’ve got an eclectic collection of vintage beach chairs that I turn to. This one will complement the mix nicely, and I like that it’s made in the U.S.A.


Waxed Canvas & White Ash Travel Chair (Navy)

Most mornings we wake up with the marine layer in Venice Beach, and beanies are part of our family’s daily uniform. My daughter just started wearing one, too, so we can share. These also happen to come in three of my favorite colors, and I dig the horizontal stitch pattern.


Llama Wool Knit Beanie Hat

My new collection called OuterKnown doesn’t launch until this fall, so I want to get a pair of these new Birdwell 310s for summer. They’re a modern button-fly version of the classic velcro style I’ve worn my whole life...


Birdwell 310s

My Tip of the Trade

“Spend as much time with your kids as possible. I travel a lot, so when I’m home I walk out of the studio every day at 6pm to have dinner with them, discuss the highs and lows of our day, and read a few pages of a favorite book with them before bed. Then I get back to work when they’re asleep. The weekends are sacred, and I spend every minute with the kids.”

I’ve grown up with Kyle Field, the frontman of Little Wings, since kindergarten. I think he has put out something like 11 albums (I’ve lost track), and each one gets better. "Explains" is his newest release.


Little Wings "Explains"
$9.90 - $16.00

Lots of messy long hair in our family. If you follow my instagram account @bonfirebeachkids, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Another good brush in the drawer would help with the bottleneck of getting us out the door to school and work.


Widu Wooden Bristle Hair Brush

Even though it’s Father’s Day, this one’s for my partner, Hannah. She has the green thumb in our family, and if she’s happy, we all win.


Copper & Beech Garden Trowel

My Signature

“'Don't F*ck with Love.' This applies to everything I do...”

This design collective develops the most expressive architecture and retail in the world, with eclectic and timelessly layered environments. This book is a round-up of both.


Made in California by Commune Design

For adults only. If I get the Blackwing pencils, I need this sexy sharpener.


Dux Brass Pencil Sharpener

I want an endless supply of butcher’s twine at the studio, along with T-pins and cork. There’s nothing I can’t use this for!


Crown Butcher’s Twine

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